Thursday Night : Russell’s Concert at East Side Public Elementary School and Celebrity Carnival Event!

Thursday night was filled with energy and excitement. After a day filled with technology overload at Teachers College learning about google apps for education, the dangers of the internet, and external hard drives, we were ready to have some fun. At six pm, we headed to an elementary school on the upper east side (103rd street). There, we saw a beautiful concert put on by the young students of the school. They were all amazing musicians.

Russell leading the chorus of students

Russell led a chorus of about 40 students singing a song written by Haitian poets, playwrights, drummers, and of course Dr. Judy and Russell, about improving conditions in Haiti and staying strong. The children were very passionate about the song and really committed to what they were singing, especially on the repeated line: “we are reeds in the wind, we bend but we don’t break”. Another section of the concert included a fantastic violin performance. I was so impressed by the high level of musicianship that all of the students had; they stayed together through every piece and focused on their conductor throughout the performance.

Dr. Judy and Russell after the concert

Katherine, Anna, and I documented the beautiful performance through photographs and video clips.

After the concert, Dr. Judy handed us three tickets to a “celebrity carnival” downtown. Not knowing what to expect, we took the train to the address on the invitation and hesitantly approached the door of a building that looked like it could be the right place. A man immediately asked, “are you here for the carnival?” and when we responded yes, he pointed towards a silver room with flat screen tvs all over the walls just inside the door and said to wait there.

A peek into the cool interior of the carnival

A few minutes later, one of the doors opened up and a man told us to enter the elevator. Inside, the walls were decorated with burlesque dancers and creepy elevator music was playing. We traveled up to the fifth floor and then doors opened to a literal indoor carnival! The giant room was filled with bright lights, game booths, food and drink stations, and even a fun-house themed dance room. The event was held as a charity function to benefit sustainability and “green power”, specifically the intergovernmental renewable energy organization (IREO). They raised money through a silent auction that featured items such as a guitar signed by Bruce Springsteen and a dress worn by Alex McCord on the Real Housewives of New York TV show.

Anna shooting a gun!

Katherine, Anna, and I tried our hand at some carnival games, including water pong and gun shooting. Anna was the brave one that decided to try the gun game and, although she has supposedly never had any experience with guns, she did very well! We even pooled our tickets to give her another try because she was so close to shooting the star out of the paper card and winning the game.

Julia playing water pong

After the games, we walked around, looking at all of the cool decorations and equally interesting people. We spent some time in the fun house dance room as well, and even got our picture taken by one of the press photographers that was there! It was a great night.

Katherine and Anna at the carnival




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  1. Nolo contendere

    The carnival looks like so much fun. How much did the Bruce Springsteen guitar bring in?

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