Wednesday, June 16: Good Day New York, Ana Tzarev Gallery Opening

Wow! Things have been really busy with Dr. Judy lately. After an eventful Monday at Columbia, Dr. Judy took off for Japan early this morning. We interns are on our own this week, but never fear, we have lots of projects to keep us busy! With three different videos to edit, we will be able to show off our newly acquired Final Cut Pro skills after taking a workshop on the program last week.

Dr. Judy and us at Fox 5 News!

Speaking of last week, we had a very eventful day last Wednesday. It started off bright and early meeting at Fox Studios for the live taping of “Good Day New York”. After posing for a photo-op with a life size cutout of America’s favorite cartoon, The Simpsons, we were ushered upstairs by Fox interns.While making small talk on the elevator, the Fox interns informed us that in addition to the fabulous Dr. Judy’s appearance on the show, Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi from MTV’s popular reality show, The Jersey Shore, would also be in attendance. While Dr. Judy went into hair and makeup, we were escorted into the green room to wait for her. We were greeted by a delicious continental breakfast, with the other guests for the show.

Celebrity Photo Op, with the Simpsons

After the green room, we went right into the studio and sat on the set. It was really interesting to see how fast paced a morning show is, since each segment with each guest is relatively short. I was amazed at the organization and smoothness with which all of the producers, camera people, guests and anchors worked. When it came time for Dr. Judy to be on camera, she spoke about the Al Gore and Tipper Gore separation. Co-anchors Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto engaged in a friendly and fast paced banter with Dr. Judy. I was amazed at the poignant commentary from all parties. After Dr. Judy’s segment, we had the privilege of staying on set and watching the other guests, which included author’s of the book Furious Love, which chronicles the love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Another guest on the show was the man who invented Cookies n’ Cream ice cream! It was a lot of fun to watch him talk about the art of taste testing ice cream.

Katherine, Anna and Snookie from MTV Reality Show "The Jersey Shore"

After waiting with baited breath, we were finally graced with Snookie’s presence. Snookie talked about her experience with Dr. Siegel’s famous, cookie diet. Watching her was quite the spectacle, and definitely worth the wait. After her brief interview, we were excited to get a photograph with the recently famous Poughkeepsie native. After leaving Fox, we were all shocked to see that the entire adventurous morning had only taken about an hour and a half. We headed back to the office for a productive day of work.

Sunset at Fighting Position One: The Korengal Outpost, Afghanistan, 2006

After work that day we headed to a very fancy art gallery for the opening of “Outpost Afghanistan”, a special exhibition by award winning photojournalist Chad Hunt. The interns and I stared in awe at the photographs of soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, noting that at the time the pictures were taken many of them were younger than us. It was incredible to see the faces of young women and men that risk their lives everyday on the battlefield. We continued to peruse the gallery, walking through New York’s “Who’s Who” of the art crowd, as Dr. Judy informed us. Ana Tzarev also had an exhibit showing, titled Dispossessed, which depicted her travels to Afghanistan. Tzarev has traveled all over the world, much like Dr. Judy, to be inspired by different cultures and landscapes for her art. All of us were especially impressed with Ana Tzarev’s paintings, which were saturated with color, and vibrant even though the subject was often somber. Many of her paintings depicted images of the Taliban, or of prisoners. The paint was almost thickly caked onto the canvasses, creating an impressive 3D effect.

Ana Tzarev's painting; Prisoners, 2001

At the gallery, we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Judy’s associate Adam Smith and his friend, both from Australia. It was fantastic to experience a real New York gallery opening, and witness amazing creative works about a war that has affected people on a global level. While Anna had to run off to a family function, Julia and I accompanied Dr. Judy and the boys to the Friar’s Club for a fabulous dinner.

After such a glamorous day, we were so excited to see what other surprises this summer with Dr. Judy would bring us!


Katherine and Anna


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