Catching up: Dr. Judy on HLN!

During the past month, Dr. Judy has appeared on the Jane Velez Mitchell show on HLN twice, each time to discuss current issues from a psychological perspective. As interns, we were very lucky to be able to accompany Dr. Judy to the show each time, waiting in a spacious green room and watching the show while Dr. Judy appeared on the show live. The first time we ventured to CNN for Dr. Judy’s appearance on HLN, the topic of the moment was Al Gore’s separation from wife Tipper Gore and, specifically, his sexual advances on a masseuse.

Julia, Katherine, Anna, and Dr. Judy at CNN!

Dr. Judy handled the issue very well; instead of blowing the incident out of proportion like most were, Dr. Judy simply explained that massages can be very arousing, and that situations of this nature arise all the time. While this does not give Al Gore an “excuse” per se, it does provide an explanation. Dr. Judy also mentioned possible causes for the couple’s marital problems separation, particularly exploring Tipper’s possible emotional detachment form Al. We really enjoyed our time at CNN, and it was fun to see Dr. Judy get the “star treatment” in the hair and makeup room.

Dr. Judy’s second appearance on the Jane Velez Mitchell show on HLN was just last week, and Dr. Judy was asked to address Caroline Giuliani’s (Rudy Giuliani’s daughter) shoplifting scandal. Dr. Judy offered that perhaps Caroline’s behavior was a cry for attention; her father is a prominent public figure and perhaps she longed for more attention from him. Dr. Judy also mentioned that divorce is always difficult for children, and that sometimes even years later children will still lash out in response to a traumatic divorce.

Julia and Anna exiting the car on the way back from CNN

It certainly has been an exciting and eventful summer! Glad to catch up with some of the latest news. Now, we move to Australia preparations – Anna, Katherine, and I will be attending the DPI NGO conference in Melbourne: Advance Global Health – Achieving the Millenium Development Goals as student journalists. We are very excited!




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